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Why Watens | What Makes Watens All The Difference

12 hours ago Home & Outdoors 3541

Most water filters, in the market, are used to eliminate contaminants and essential minerals as well. We recommend you to drink purified water with natural minerals provided by Watens products. All our fridge water filter cartridges are strictly manufactured using high-grade materials designed to be safe for water used for consumption.

Benefits of Using a Refrigerator Water Filter

Installing a good quality water filter in your refrigerator is much cheaper than other forms of water filtration, but also has the extra bonus of making sure you have access to chilled pure water whenever you want it. 

A good fridge filter removes impurities while also provides you better smelling and tasting drinking water or ice directly dispensed from your freezer. 

Compared to other water filter system, a refrigerator filter helps to save space in your kitchen. Plus, it is usually very easy to install and does not require any tool.

Watens Makes All The Difference

Authorized Certification 

Watens refrigerator filters are certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53.

Superior Contaminant Reduction

Watens refrigerator water filters are tested to remove 99% of most pollutants, such as herbicides, pesticides, cysts, pharmaceuticals, dissolved metals, volatile organic chemicals and more.

State-of-the-art Engineering and Filtration

Designed with a concentrated coconut shell carbon, Watens fridge water filters are able to reduce chlorinated products, heavy metals, harmful sediments, and odor while keeping the original minerals which are beneficial to human health.

Our Mission

We take it a step beyond and create refrigerator water filters which can be recycled into other useful products. We focus on standing out among the crowd in terms of further waste reduction and promoting environmental sustainability.

Wrap Up

Watens has launched types of water filters for W and Frigidaire fridge models. To know more about our water filters and explore the right filter for your fridge, keep visiting our page Happy drinking!



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