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Touch On Faucet Reviews | How To Choose The Best Touch Kitchen Faucet of 2021

22 hours ago Tips & Tricks 1601

The sink area is often treated as the centerpiece of any modern kitchen and the sink faucet unarguably speaks of your lifestyle and taste. Whether you are complementing your whole kitchen transformation or upgrading your kitchen tap, you should opt for a kitchen sink faucet that is a blissful mix of style and function.

When you are busy making food in the kitchen with both hands dirty and occupied, it can be a hassle having to turn on the kitchen tap handle and spread the mess even further. So, a touch on kitchen faucet works for the best results. It is convenient and practical to provide absolute ease in cleaning activities in the sink and keep your kitchen clean and germ-free.

When it comes to buying a touch kitchen faucet, the market is flooded with many options. For those who do not have much experience in touch faucet purchases, finding what you need exactly is easier said than done. Never worry about it! However, picking the right faucet isn’t any different than choosing the traditional faucets. This article will mention the things which matter most when buying a touch-activated faucet, then take a look at the best kitchen faucet we recommend.  

What Is Touch On Kitchen Faucet?

The touch-sensitive kitchen faucet is similar to a traditional faucet in the way that it is used to rinse foods, kitchen utensils and wash your hands. However, touch kitchen faucet only requires you to lightly tap the spout or the lever with any part of your body, such as your hand, arm, wrist and elbow to turn on it for flowing water rather than manually maneuvering the faucet handle. A touch activated kitchen faucet is often fitted with both a humanized touch system and a manual handle to assure a working faucet every time and offer you opportunities to choose your preferable way.

Pros and Cons of Touch On Kitchen Faucet

Hygiene: Sink taps can become gross by frequent touches to wash your dirty hands. The touch-sensitive faucet is the best solution to this trouble. You can simply bump it with any part of your body and it will start working. This type of faucet can avoid stain or contaminate your faucet system, prevent the spread of germs and other bacteria, as well as keep your whole kitchen hygienic and clean.

Humanized & Eco-friendly: With a touch on the kitchen faucet, you can end up consuming plenty of time and energy on the tedious cleaning for a clean faucet, even a sanitary kitchen. Additionally, unlike traditional faucets, a touch kitchen faucet allows you to touch it on and off quickly for less water consumption during rinsing dishes, cooking meals or doing other kitchen activities. The touch faucet saves water and helps decrease your water bill.

Ease & Aesthetics: This kind of faucet is easy and convenient to use. It is great for those who cannot turn a regular faucet handle, like the disabled, the elderly or people without fingers. It is also friendly to homes with children who are too young to be able to operate the faucet handle. Aside from its practicality and value, a touch on kitchen faucet, often made of premium materials like steel or nickel, and designed with a contemporary look, is much aesthetically pleasing to match the kitchen decor.

There are not many cons to a touch-activated faucet. Some homeowners complain that it costs more than a traditional sink faucet. However, it can effectively cut down your money over time by reducing water usage. It is a strategic investment in the long term.  

Features to Consider When Buying A Touch Kitchen Faucet

Spout/Arc: Figuring out the ideal spout height and arc for your kitchen conditions are paramount to getting the right touch on kitchen faucet. Moreover, you need to take your cabinet height, compartments and sink depth into account. Touch-sensitive kitchen faucets have different designs and your desired one should be dependent on your personal preference and whether it fits in with style and functionality of your kitchen. High-arc touch faucets are much more welcomed by culinary lovers because they look stylish, match most kitchens and are friendly to people of all ages and groups, providing plenty of available space and an easy working area.

Sink Configuration: It is vital to know how many holes are in your sink or counter before purchasing your new touch on faucet. The holes of a sink come with a different variation used to mount the faucet. There are one hole models and up to four-hole options of sinks. The single hole sink is easy to install and fix, which makes it popular in most kitchens. Even if a 3-hole sink is introduced to your kitchen, you can still get a single hole touch on faucet. Just make sure you choose the model which offers optional deck plate installation to cover the 2 unused holes.

Mount: Knowing how to assemble your touch faucet is important. If you are building from scratch, it is better to select the faucet first then a sink to fit its mount. However, if you are just looking for a replacement, the mounting way that your new touch faucet should be clear in your mind. All kitchen touch on faucets are mounted, and different types of faucets have different  installation ways. The deck-installed faucets attach to the countertop or rest on the sink. While wall mount kitchen faucets are installed through the wall to hang over the sink.

Finish: Most finishes of faucets are brushed nickel, wrought iron, oil rubbed bronze and others. The finish of your chosen faucet will make a difference in usage and maintenance. The finish not only gives a faucet an elegant appearance, but also keeps it clean and long-lasting. Some faucets can effectively prevent smudges, spots, rust and fingerprints.

Kitchen Faucet Reviews


WATENS Touch On Kitchen Faucet

ARRISEA Touch Kitchen Faucet 









SUS304 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Touch Activation Faucet

Touch Activation Faucet

Finish Type

Brushed Nickel


360 Degree Spout Swivel




Pull-Down Sprayer

Pull-Down Sprayer

Flow Mode



Total Height

16.5 Inches

16 Inches

Spout Height

8.26 Inches

8.4 Inches

Spout Reach

8.6 Inches

8.4 Inches




Plug Profile

Deck Mount

Deck Mount

Deck Plate Included




WATENS Touch On Kitchen Faucet with pull-down sprayer Latest Upgrade SUS304 Stainless Steel Smart Kitchen Sink Faucets with Deck Plate -Brushed Nickel

WATENS Touch On Kitchen Faucet is the favourite model thanks to the optimized functionality, easy operation and affordable price. All you need to do is to touch the spout of the faucet with your forearm or wrist or back of your hand gently to start and stop the water flow. This faucet has an attractive brushed nickel finish that is free from smudge and fingerprint for easy cleanup and long-lasting life. Three setting modes including stream, spray and pause allow for variable functions of filling water, strong cleaning wash and quick pressing to stop splashing. Its high-arc 360-degree swivel spout works for easy access to the full sink and superior cleaning capability. This touch on faucet with a pull-down sprayer and a rubber nozzle brings utmost convenience and easy cleanliness to your daily life. This kitchen faucet with sprayer is easy to install with complete tool accessories included in the package.


ARRISEA Touch Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Brass pull-down sprayer 360 Degree Swivel Sink Faucet with Deck Plate

ARRISEA Touch Kitchen Faucet with a near untouched design allows you to touch the sensor area with your hand or forearm to start and stop the flowing, making it perfect for when you have messy hands from cooking or cleaning. This kitchen faucet is equipped with a range of features making it a good option for your kitchen. For instance, it includes a brushed finish for good looking and longer-lasting, a 360-degree swivel spout and the high arch is to clean one or double bowl sink, two water flow settings - the stream is for filling the kettle or a pot and spray for rinsing off dirty dishes. But this ARRISEA touch kitchen faucet only comes with two water flow setting modes (other faucets may have more variation) and it is not affordable to some household.


Finding the right touch on kitchen faucet is instrumental to save your time and energy for effective cleaning. If your family are conscientious about germs owing to some health issues, introducing a touch faucet into your kitchen or bathroom may be helpful for bacteria reduction. Watens touch on kitchen faucet with great value, high performance and unbeatable price brings latest assistive touch control technology in your home to upgrade your lifestyle. It is a must-have for every family.  

Watens provides a wide range of accessories and tools for a modern kitchen and lifestyle, such as refrigerator water filters, cordless vacuum cleaners, under sink water filters, electric vegetable choppers and more. All our products are on sale with big discounts. Enjoy great deals from Watens.




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